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The universe of Mechanised Infantry allows for the effective utilisation of the combat group/team on the mobile battlefield, a difficult role which demands exceptional ability on the part of infantry commanders who must learn to think in terms of "mobile warfare".

This does not mean that infantrymen always stay mounted on their vehicles or that they merely "ride" in Infantry Combat Vehicles and then dismount to fight. Mechanised infantry is an integral and permanent part of the combat group/team. Mobility, armour protection, and firepower are inherent characteristics of mechanised infantry and are fully exploited in all operations. Denel Land Systems has just designed and manufactured the Badger to meet the requirements of a modern army involved in both high-intensity warfare and peace-keeping operations.


Modular Combat Vehicle is a platform originally developed by Finnish defence contractor, Patria and has subsequently been fully optimised by Denel Land Systems in order to meet the specific needs of the South African Army. This localised vehicle inclusive of turret variants is called Badger as part of Armscors Project Hoefyster that seeks to replace the 30 year old Ratel Infantry Combat Vehicle in its mechanised infantry units.


Advanced Modular Infantry Combat Turret is a product of Denel Land Systems capability of systems integration. All turrets weigh about 2.5 tonnes with basic protection package and are designed around the same Fighting Compartment Module (FCM) which ensures maximum commonality and re-use of components and modules.

MCT 30

Modular Combat Turret 30 is a direct fire-system that proudly boasts of Denel Land Systems cam-operated 30 millimetre cannon designated GI-30. It is a two-man turret designed for the commander and gunner crew. It also afford broader battlefield Situational Awareness through display on both Battle Panels (CBP & GBP):

  • Gunner day video image
  • Gunner night video image
  • Image from Commanders panoramic sight
  • BMS images and information
  • Episcopes at both crew stations
  • Max of 4 radios integrated with intercom system

MCT 60 Mortars

The Modular Combat Turret 60 fitted with a breech-loading long-range 60 millimetre mortar is a variant that will provide both indirect and direct fire support to the South African Army. It utilises the ballistic system of the renowned and proven Denel Land Systems M6 Long Range Mortar which makes this weapon the best solution to change the face of modern conflict, including peace operations. In terms of Situational Awareness, it boasts display on both Battle Panels (CBP & GBP):

  • Gunner day video image
  • Gunner night video image
  • BMS images and information
  • Episcopes at both crew stations
  • Max of 4 radios integrated with intercom system

MCT Missile

The Modular Combat Turret Missile is armed with an advanced new generation Ingwe anti-tank guided missiles mounted on either side. It also has a roof mounted periscope for the vehicle commander. Just like other variants, Situational Awareness of the MCT Missile boasts display on both Battle Panels (CBP & GBP):

  • Gunner day video image
  • Gunner night video image
  • BMS images and information
  • Episcopes at both crew stations
  • Max of 4 radios integrated with intercom system

MCT 12,7

The Modular Combat Turret 12,7 is designed for the command variant. This turret also boasts the roof mounted stabilised panoramic sight with a 360 degree field of view and a day channel with two fields of view.

LCT 30

The GI-30 is a uniquely externally driven electro-mechanical cannon, utilising a drum cam to cycle the breech to the chamber rounds and extract spent cartridges, thus minimising gasses in the confines of a turret and facilitates controlled firing rate. It is designed to fire link-less 30 millimetre X 173 ammunition through a dual feeder.

As a single-shot weapon, it is also unique for its sniper mode of operation. It is fired from a closed breach position, which offers more accurate fire due to no movement taking place immediately before the round is fired. GI 30 is fully stabilised and has a computerised fire control system that enables targets to be engaged under day & night conditions with high first shot round hit probability even when the vehicle is moving.

Another unique feature of the GI-30 is that of next round selection. Having two feeders, with general ammunition on the right hand and specialist types on the other, the weapon allows the operator to select a specific round, without first firing off or ejecting an unwanted round.


Just as with its counterpart, the features of the LCT 30 ATGW proudly boast of the following:

  • 4 x Ingwe 127mm missile launchers integrated
  • Laser beam riding missile
  • Missile firing on moving targets

LCT 20

Turret for infantry vehicles. A 20 mm, two (2) man Combat Turret with night lighting capability, electronic sights and target handover between Commander and Gunner.

60mm Mortar Systems

The 60mm Long Range Mortar Indirect Fire Support System is a state-of-the-art mortar system produced by Denel Land Systems. It comprises of Weapons (with a Blunt End Mortar Fire Control Computer, an Observation Post (with LRF & MFCC) and a HQ (also with a LRF and MFCC) that can double as a Mobile Forward Observer. The complete Level 5 System includes Logistics, Technical Equipment (ST ETS) and Training Equipment (complete with a Simulator).

The main advantage of the system is very quick reaction time with a high 2nd shot hit probability. The Observation Post lazes a target and sets up a fire mission, fire permission is granted by the HQ and the target info is automatically converted into mortar sight settings at the weapons within seconds.

As soon as the 1st shot is sighted by the Observation Post, a soldier can laze the fall of shot and send the correction directly to the Blunt End. Fire will then be adjusted accordingly to the target.

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