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It is our vision to be the most sought after supplier of landward defence systems, customised turret solutions and infantry weapons.

We will ensure that our customers are satisfied

Denel Land Systems will only deliver products and services of which the complete set of realised characteristics satisfies the requirements of our customers. This will be achieved through the identification of market needs and expectations, allocation of adequate resources, benchmarking competitor capabilities, planning and control of processes (management and physical processes) as well as adequate training. We will also demonstrate compliance with requirements by certifying and providing the required evidence of conformance to the customer.

We will take ownership of our actions

The assurance of the quality of products and services (to the customer, from suppliers or within Denel Land Systems) is the direct responsibility of every person involved, who must ensure that all customer requirements and expectations is fully understood, agreed upon, planned for and complied with. The consequences of an action remain the responsibility of the doer.

We will strive for problem prevention and continual improvement

Problem prevention through proper planning and the aggressive elimination of defects and losses to ensure Denel Land Systems' long-term sustainability are the responsibility of every person involved. Goals for improvement will thus be set at all organisational levels.

We will comply with ISO 9001

Our Quality Management System is an integral part of the Business Management System and will comply with the requirements of ISO 9001. A centralised Quality Assurance function will coordinate and audit the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to ensure continual improvement, and will ensure that the principles are applied on all programs and processes.

Managements responsibility

It is the responsibility of all management levels to ensure that this policy statement as well as the requirements emanating from it are implemented and consistently reviewed, to reflect what our customers and the company expect from our business management system.

Independent Testing and Certification

The principle of independent product testing and certification (with respect to development and production models) and quality audits by independent parties; is accepted and upheld.

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368 Selborne Ave, Lyttelton, Centurion, 0140, South Africa
PO Box 7710, Pretoria, 0001

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