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About Us

DLS in general does not do basic research to establish new technologies, but uses matured or near mature technologies to establish and maintain technology building blocks which are integrated in an innovative manner, as part of development programs, to create new products. During these development processes, DLS uses its core competencies and/or key capabilities to create sought-after solutions for its customers.

The following core capabilities have been developed and established within DLS, over the years, and form the foundation upon which its products are developed and supported:

  • System Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Integrated Ballistic System Design
  • Main Weapon Design
  • Fire Directing Systems (Including Artillery Laying & Navigation)
  • Ammunition Handling Systems
  • Logistic Engineering and Logistical Element Development
  • Command, Control & Communication
  • Turrets & Structural Design
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Vehicle Platform Design
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Electrical Power Generation and Distribution
  • Air Conditioning & NBC Protection Design
  • Self Protection Design
  • System Acquisition Management
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Material & Metallurgy Design
  • Specialty Engineering
  • Key Production Capabilities

To fulfil its mission as a landwards defence systems supplier, DLS is dependent on a strong supplier base. The supplies vary from commercial off the shelf items to specially manufactured items and subsystems, which are to be built into the final product. The DLS key suppliers vary a lot from year to year, depending on the business in each financial year. The active suppliers are just over 1200, 500 of which receive DLS orders annually. Out of this 500 normally around 100 is product related.

A Global Reputation Through Its Products

Through the quality of its proven and advanced products, chosen by many of the worlds modern defence forces, Denel Land Systems has become a trusted name in landward defence solutions.

Denel Land Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of towed and self-propelled artillery weapons, infantry systems, combat turrets and a range of infantry weapons. Its years of research, practical experience and battlefield feedback have provided it with the capability to integrate these products into a full, Level-5 user system comprised of:

  • weapons
  • vehicles
  • ammunition
  • command and control
  • communications
  • training systems
  • logistic support systems

The complete weapons system is designed and integrated into mature and well-tested products which meet the requirements and specifications of the client.

The design and manufacturing is done at DLSs facilities, located in Lyttelton in South Africa's capital, Tshwane, or by local and international subcontractors who comply with the company's strict criteria for quality and ethical standards.

DLS continues to provide long-term product support, training and technical manuals and 4th line level of repairs throughout the life-cycle of the equipment.

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