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Armour forces are created and organised to carry out mobile operations and this should be seen as the most important means in the conduct of conventional land battles. Armour forces, both tank and armoured car units, usually form part of an organised force in co-operation with other teeth arms and support weapons.

With its mobility, armour protection, flexibility and firepower, the Armoured Fighting Vehicle is a weapon with which the experienced commander can influence the battle in his/her favour. On its product list, Denel Land Systems proudly boast of the Rooikat 76 millimetre and the Light Medium Turret 105 millimetre.

Rooikat - 76

The Rooikat Armoured Car has a 76 mm gun with a first line of 48 rounds of ammunition. The crew consists of four members. The Rooikat can fire on the move; however firing on the short halt is often preferred.

LMT - 105

The Light Medium Turret 105 millimetre gun is basically an upgrade on the 76 millimetre gun of the Rooikat Armoured Car. Its characteristic features remain unchanged.

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