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19 November 2013

Denel Land Systems is firmly established as Africa's leading supplier of land defence systems and poised to expand the range and quality of its products to local and export markets.

The company, globally known for the development of products such as the G6 and G5 artillery systems, the Badger infantry combat vehicle and the NTW-20 anti-material rifle is able to provide for most of the SANDFs landward defence needs.

Stephan Burger, the CEO of Denel Land Systems (DLS), says recent restructuring and acquisitions have broadened the company's range of products and services, confirming its role as a strategic land systems partner to the SANDF. DLS is part of the state-owned Denel group, Africa's premier high-technology defence company.

Among the recent highlights for Denel Land Systems are:

  • The incorporation of Denel MECHEM, a global leader in humanitarian demining and the clearance of explosive remnants of war. MECHEM has provided demining services in numerous post-conflict zones in Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans and is also the designer and manufacturer of the well-known Casspir mine-protected vehicle, used by the UN in various peace missions.
  • The recent acquisition of LMT (Land Mobility Technology) by Denel has strengthened the company's capabilities in the areas of design and protection for military vehicles.
  • The decision by the SA government to award a multi-billion contract for the manufacturing of the SANDFs new generation infantry combat vehicle, the Badger, has demonstrated confidence in the expertise of the local defence industry. The first of the 238 Badgers will be delivered to the SA Army in the fourth quarter of 2016.
  • DLSs reputation in the export market has been confirmed by a recent R3.5 billion contract to supply the Malaysian defence force with modular turrets for its armoured vehicles. The turrets were developed as part of the design stage for the Badger vehicle.

The strength of the company is its ability to meet South Africa's entire landward defence needs from infantry weapons and mortars to armoured vehicles, artillery and logistical support.

Mr Burger says DLS is now a mature and confident company which can build on a reputation and experience of more than 60 years. The next step will be to grow our share in the global markets especially in our niche capabilities in artillery systems.

The company's G6 and G5 gun howitzers still set the global standards for long-range artillery. The G6 was ahead of its time when it was first launched in 1987, says Mr Burger. Through our continuous research and investment in the gun we have ensured it remains ahead of the pack as the most versatile and reliable artillery system in its class.

We are still outgunning all our global competitors by a wide margin, he says.

The NTW-20 anti-material weapon, manufactured by DLS, can destroy high value targets such as bunkers, command and control stations and stationary aircraft with pin-point accuracy over distances of more than 1 200 meters. The NTW-20 attracted global attention when it was featured in the popular film, District 6.

The company also produces 20mm rapid fire cannons -- multi-purpose automatic cannons -- which have already proven their effectiveness in the landward defence arena and on helicopters. The recently developed naval-mounted version makes it a very effective defensive tool against small pirate vessels because it has the capacity to fire warning shots but also with sufficient firepower to destroy an attacking craft.

Mr Burger says Denel MECHEM is helping to create a safer world through its demining and battle area clearance operations. It is one of the few demining companies accredited by the United Nations and is currently active in post-conflict zones in 11 African countries.

It specially-trained sniffer dogs are able to detect landmines, drugs and contraband and can make a valuable contribution to the national efforts to combat the poaching of rhino horns and ivory.


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